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 Corday the Host of Heaven's Dungeon

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PostSubject: Corday the Host of Heaven's Dungeon   Corday the Host of Heaven's Dungeon Icon_minitimeMon Nov 22, 2010 8:33 pm

Corday the Host of Heaven's Dungeon Corday3 "My name is Corday. Here in the Dungeon I am the Law. I am the Head of this area of N'hyrve. Here in the Dungeon we can beat you or we have employees that would love to be beaten. I will now show you around. So move."

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PostSubject: Re: Corday the Host of Heaven's Dungeon   Corday the Host of Heaven's Dungeon Icon_minitimeMon Nov 22, 2010 8:37 pm

Corday the Host of Heaven's Dungeon Corday Full Name: Kaoru dai Solange Charis Li Porfirio-Clough sol Fonseca Kalinger Thanh-Stefanatos
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PostSubject: Re: Corday the Host of Heaven's Dungeon   Corday the Host of Heaven's Dungeon Icon_minitimeWed Nov 24, 2010 4:03 pm

Corday the Host of Heaven's Dungeon Corday2
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PostSubject: Re: Corday the Host of Heaven's Dungeon   Corday the Host of Heaven's Dungeon Icon_minitimeWed Nov 24, 2010 4:05 pm

Corday the Host of Heaven's Dungeon Corday4 Base Credit: Wayuk's Place
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PostSubject: Re: Corday the Host of Heaven's Dungeon   Corday the Host of Heaven's Dungeon Icon_minitimeSun Jan 02, 2011 12:43 pm

By The Rose Dragon

When you are told that you can’t play with the children in the kitchens because you are ‘of higher class’ and you can’t play with the children at your half sister’s party because you are ‘of lower class’, you do what one particular child did.

Kaoru dai Solange Charis Li Porfirio-Clough sol Fonseca Kalinger Thanh-Stefanatos, cute strawberry blond pigtails bouncing as she ran, was nine years old but already knew exactly what words like king’s, bastard and child meant. Especially put together in whispers around her. She held the royal names of her father’s and sister’s ancestors: House Porfirio-Clough, House Fonseca, Houses Kalinger and Thanh-Stefanatos. But Kaoru dai did not carry on the traditional naming.

King Dayao Adan cai Zelen Kellann Lei Porfirio-Clough yu Fonseca Kalinger Thanh-Stefanatos did. His legitimate heir Princess Arcelia Eustolia dai Zoraida Kamin Li Porfirio-Clough sol Fonseca Kalinger Thanh-Stefanatos did as well.

Kaoru dai was missing one name and the names that remained did not begin with a Z or K as tradition demanded of those of royal blood. Solange instead of a name similar to Zoraida. Charis instead of a name like Kamin. Both sounded right but everyone knew it wasn’t and she wasn’t.

So the little girl with the king’s teal eyes had raced off to see the one person who played with her. Her secret friend.

“Watch the blood, lovey.” she said as the little girl burst into her den. “Wouldn’t want to have a mess on your pretty blue dress.”

Kaoru dai was careful to skirt around the puddles of blood inside the dungeon as she made her way over to hug her best friend.

She wore a skin tight body suit made all of warm red leather. Her black high-heeled boots looked merely fashionable cutting themselves off barely passed her ankles but Kaoru dai had heard of many tales of the woman flicking them off and clocking those unaware.

Her long red hair hung passed her waist in three braids woven into one. On the ends, three gold charms sparkled and winked at Kaoru dai warmly. The little girl knew exactly what each were: a smiling star, a smiling baby with a small ruby for a rattle and tiny engagement ring.

“Whatcha doin’, Minna?” Kaoru dai asked as she hugged the woman and rubbed her face against her clothes. Minna chuckled as the little girl released her and lifted her arms up to be picked up.

“Mistress Minna was re-braiding this here rope.” the woman replied as she turned, picked up Kaoru dai and balanced her on her hip. “It had gotten loose and when that happens, the Mistress’s slaves aren’t obedient.”

“That’s not good.” the little one replied with a frown and then asked brightly, “Where’d the blood come from? Was one of the slaves ba~aad?”

Minna chuckled, “No lovey, I had to make a bad man talk about a plan he had for your sister.”

Kaoru dai’s face fell, “Oh, another kidnap the princess plot.”
“Yes, another. That makes nine this week.” the woman replied and sighed, “Honestly, don’t these morons realize I have better things to do with my time than to torture out the same old plot that wouldn’t succeed in the first place.”

“That’s because everyone loves Princess Arcelia Eustolia dai so much that they risk their lives for her.”

Minna chuckled and tweaked Kaoru dai’s nose, “Actually I was thinking once the kidnappers realize how much of a pain in the ass de princess is, they would gladly pay us to take her back.”

The little girl busted up in giggles.

Suddenly the door to the dungeons burst open. Minna turned and in stepped the last person Kaoru dai wanted to see.

White satin pointed hat with matching gauze like material flowing out from the tip that mostly covered medium colored brown hair. Angry russet colored eyes glowering on each side of a dangling blue jewel at the scene before her . Her pale yellow peasant shirt set off her bright red bodice and loose oriental pale blue pants. Her black leather shoes hardly making a sound on the floor as she approached Minna and the girl in her arms.

“Jesenia, a pleasure to have you pay a visit.” Minna said politely as she turned back to her work table. “I was just explaining the finer points of rope maintenance to Kaoru dai.”

The prim woman bristled, “A little girl has no cause to be in a place like this. How dare you allow her to remain here and teach her your work here.”

Minna chuckled, “You’re Kaoru dai’s nanny, you’re supposed to keep her happy enough that she doesn’t decide that the palace Dungeon Master is a great person to see.”

“Not that I mind,” she added when she sensed the little girl was about to cry. “Her visits are a highlight of my days.”

“I’ll report this to his Majesty.” Jesenia snapped as Minna set the little girl down on her feet.

“No you won’t and even if you did, Dayao wouldn’t care enough to do anything about it. It’s not like Kaoru dai is his oh so precious Arcelia.” Minna shot back with. “I seriously hope Kaoru sticks it to her royal pain in the ass-ness and her father one day. I really do.”

Jesenia picked the little girl up that stood between them, “You would say something like that.” she muttered.

“Of course I would. After all I’m her…” the dungeon mistress smiled as the nanny and child left.

The princess was having a tea party when Jesenia and Kaoru dai returned.

The sweet looking Princess Arcelia Eustolia dai had commanded ten of her twenty personal guards to wear her nanny’s frilly pink aprons and play tea party with her. So there they sat in small ornate chairs around the child sized table without a word.

The princess’s blond curls would barely move as she served, ringlets that cascaded past the waist of her royal purple dress.

“So where’d you find her?” the princess asked in a low tone of voice, barely cutting her teal eyes away from serving tea.

Jesenia set Kaoru dai on her feet and caught the pleading look on her face as she stood back up.

“Kitchen.” the nanny replied. “Saw some sweet cakes and just had to have them.”

“Idiot.” Princess Arcelia Eustolia dai responded emotionless. “Kaoru, you eat in the dining room or in the nursery. Not in the kitchen like some commoner like, well, your mother.”

The fact that the princess addressed her half sister as she would a slave didn’t anger Kaoru dai. Nor was it being called an idiot. It was the comment about her mother.

No one, it seemed, knew who Kaoru dai’s mother was. Even though it was said she stayed in the castle during her pregnancy, no one had ever seen the child’s mother so there were rumors galore.

One was the mother was from one of the planets that sold sex slaves. Another was that she was a royal from a foreign world. Others simply stated she was a commoner and that opinion was popular around the nobles. Nobles just like Princess Arcelia Eustolia dai.

“Shut up about my mother, you you--” Kaoru dai used the only word she knew applied. “Bitch!”

A few of the newer guards gasped and the room was filled with crimson colored rage. Princess Arcelia Eustolia dai trembled in silent fury as she slowly rose from her seat. Jesenia quickly went to step between the two girls when the princess screamed.

“To the dungeon with her!”

Two guards rose from their seats and marched over to Kaoru dai. She looked up at them as they looked down at her with pity in their eyes.
“You’re going to suffer for your insolent remark, dear sister.” Princess Arcelia Eustolia dai said as the guards led the child away with a firm hand on each of her shoulders.

The three of them marched down the hallways in uneasy silence. It was only once they were down on the first floor and well passed the southern most tower domain of Princess Arcelia Eustolia dai that the guards felt safe enough to speak.

“Tell me, why we are not simply taking the child to the king.” one sentry said to the other over Kaoru dai’s head. “Please tell me we are not escorting her into the hands of Dungeon Mistress Ravemina of Scars.”

“The Princess Arcelia Eustolia dai has commanded us to send the king’s bastard to the dungeons for insulting Her Majesty and we must obey.” the other replied solemnly.

The first guard looked down at the girl hurrying next to him in an attempt to keep up.

“But she’s just--”

“A child? The Princess’s own sibling?” the other snapped. “Kaoru dai is not the king’s heir! She has only the power and rights of a common child of this kingdom. The only reason the girl is even here is because the king refused to burden his loyal subjects with her care.”

The first guard looked back down at Kaoru dai and caught her looking back at him with tear filled eyes. He quickly looked away and left the child to silently deal with her pain.

The sounds of a man squealing reached them as they descended the stairs toward the red double doors that led into the dungeons. Another sound, this time a woman’s laughter came shortly there after, echoing up the rounded corridors.

“Oh Gracious Goddess, no! No more!” the man behind the doors cried as the guards and Kaoru dai stood before them. Before the woman could reply, the two sentries banged on the door.

“What is it now?” Minna yelled. “Did one of Dayao’s little whores get jealous and try hacking off his weenie?”

Kaoru dai snickered as the other guard cleared his throat and announced the reason he was at her door.

“By order of her royal highness, Princess Arcelia Eustolia dai Zoraida Kamin and heiress to the Houses of Porfirio-Clough, Fonseca, Kalinger and House Thanh-Stefanatos, you are ordered to punish the child, Kaoru dai for the act of attacking the dignity of the royal house.”

The door to the dungeons opened and Minna stepped out. First she looked at the guards and then down at Kaoru dai.

“I called her a bitch.” the little girl said sheepishly. Minna’s face clouded with anger and her gaze shot back up to the guards.

“Leave us!” the woman growled taking Kaoru dai roughly away from the men. “I shall need his approval.”

She spun away quickly, marched Kaoru dai inside and slammed the door behind her.

“Am I in trouble?” the child inquired as her friend whipped by and began freeing the man currently strapped to the center most table.

Until she had the man free, Minna did not speak. After tossing him brutally into a large cage and covered it with a blanket, the dungeon mistress sat down on the table and pulled Kaoru dai into her lap.

“I knew one day your sister would demand this.” she told the little girl in a quiet voice. “I knew she would order me to punish, no, hurt you to get some spiteful revenge when you only were speaking the truth.”

“She called my Mommy a commoner, like it was some sort of nasty disease!” Kaoru dai cried. “Arcelia’s bitch. A big, fat, ugly bitch and she asked for it.”

Minna chuckled and hugged the girl to her, “Yes, your sister is a bitch. But she was right on one point. Your mother is a commoner.”

The little girl looked up at her, “You know my Mommy, Minna? What is she like? Do I look like her?”

Minna laughed and hugged her again, “I’m your mother, lovey.”

She looked at the dungeon mistress in awe, “You? You’re my--mommy?”

“Do you hate me for keeping it from you?” Ravemina asked as her daughter gazed at her with adoration and love in her eyes.

“No!” Kaoru dai exclaimed. “But--would you tell me why? And how did nobody know? And how did you and the king--?”

“Dayao, your father, had a need for an interrogator or in other words someone who would make bad people tell their secrets after the queen was murdered shortly after your sister was born. Those of the Scar were the best at doing such jobs and I was the best of my generation, so I came here to assist my king.”

“Your father was very impressed with my work and the admiration later turn into a form of love. One night under the cover of darkness, the king snuck down into my den and you were conceived. When I found out you were going to be born, lovey, I was very scared. I felt I wouldn’t be able to give you what you needed. The love, a healthy home, normalcy that I never had. So Dayao gave it to you. You lived a far better life than one I could give you.”

“But Mommy, I don’t like living like this.” Kaoru dai replied. “I don’t like being cooped up in the nursery or lesson time. Math is really hard to do!”

Ravemina chuckled, “Oh I bet it is, but a substitute heir must be as educated as the heir so to better be able to step up to their role: To keep the throne in the Porfirio-Clough, Fonseca, Kalinger and Thanh-Stefanatos family.”

The little girl pouted crossing her arms in front of her with a scowl.

“Well I don’t care. It’s unfair and I refuse to do it.”

Again Ravemina chuckled, “I’m afraid lovey, you don’t have a choice in the matter.”

As Kaoru dai sighed the king marched into the room without so much a knock.

His once dark blond hair was turning white along his temples and near the roots of his wavy ponytail. His fit body was nearly covered with runes of protection and wisdom that was revealed by his unbuttoned shirt and hastily placed on pants.

“I demand an explanation, Ravemina.” Dayao growled.

“Your daughter has commanded me to punish Kaoru dai.” Ravemina answered. “It seems that the princess did not like being told off and so here we are. Do you prefer I punish Kaoru dai as commanded by your princess? Or will you spare her from me.”

Do it.”the king ordered in a harsh tone. “And make it quick.”

Dayao exhaled harshly and bowed his head, so he would not see the betrayed look in Kaoru dai’s face before leaving without so much as a goodbye. It was something that she never forgot in the years to come.

In silence, Ravemina unbuttoned her daughter’s lovely dress so not to get blood on the fabric. She placed Kaoru dai on her feet and took the dress off and laid it in a throne like chair, leaving her in merely a thin white slip. Once more Ravemina picked up her daughter and placed her on the table.

“There is a ceremony to these things” the mother told the little girl. “First clothes are moved out of the way, so there is nothing to infect your art pieces. That’s what those bad people became, living artwork.”

“Second is to choose the canvas. Where you place this artwork is important.” Ravemina revealed as she gently picked Kaoru dai up and gently placed her in a chair with shackles on the arms. Then she pulled out a red silk bit of cloth and blindfolded the little girl. From there, all there was for Kaoru dai was sound and touch.

She heard her mother rummage through junk and moments later felt her chemise being snipped off. Ravemina began humming a familiar lullaby when she folded her daughter’s last remaining clothes and then spoke once more.

“Sometimes, to make a piece of art better, you may blindfold them. Then their senses begin to stretch out until they finally feel.”

“Where’s a good canvas for me?” Kaoru dai inquired. “Where can I have a piece of art?”

Her mother chuckled, “If I told you, it would interrupt the ceremony. But, I think I should tell you and the why of it.”

“If I would have chosen your back,” she told her daughter as she smoothed Kaoru dai’s hair back. “The scars would fade and stretch. The painting would be destroyed.”

“If I chose your face, I would be destroying the beauty you’ll grow into. I never’ll do such a thing. So I have chosen your arm and the backs of your hands as the canvas.”

She gently placed Kaoru dai’s wrists in the clevis and shackled her to the chair. Next, Ravemina vanished into the thick shadows of the dungeon and returned with a large trunk which she slid next to her daughter. Afterwards, the woman pulled out a single key from the depths of her warm leather suit and opened the trunk.

Inside amongst bolts of silk and pouches of jewels laid a dark wood jewelry case. Ravemina lifted the box with reverence and sat it on Kaoru dai’s lap.

“Mommy, I’m scared.” The little girl whimpered.

Her mother reached out and caressed her daughter’s cheek as she flipped the latch to the box to reveal a collection of calligraphy pens.

“Fear is a lack of trust, my little one.” Ravemina replied and then asked, “Do you trust me in all that occurs here and now?”

The little girl nervously bit her lip. Minna had never done anything to harm her... but everyone she knew didn’t like art from Minna.

She’s my only friend and my mommy, she argued to herself. But...

The first slice took her by surprise. A hot line of fire and quickly followed by a cool sensation. The second and third incisions were less a hot line, rather a soft warm burning. Like cooling wax on the sides of a candle.

“This is usually the time most men would be screaming.” Said Ravemina with a low chuckle. “Seeing you merely sitting there with a slight frown on your face makes me swell with motherly pride. You truly are a child of my blood.”

“Was there any doubt?” the little girl replied with a giggle.

“None whatsoever.”

After hours of work, Kaoru dai finally was unbound and eagerly jerked the blindfold off so she might see her mother’s work. She was disappointed to see Raveminna had already doctored and bandaged her arms.

“I want you to eat an extra large piece of liver with your dinner tonight. Tell Jesenia specifically or you won’t get to feeling better.”

“But I feel great.” Kaoru dai said jumping up to her feet and would have fell flat on her backside had not her mother caught and picked her up.

“You feel light headed and sleepy, don’t deny it.” Minna replied with a chuckle as the little girl laid her head down on her shoulder.

“Will you tuck me in?” Kaoru dai asked innocently. Her mother chuckled.

“As you wish, lovey.”
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PostSubject: Re: Corday the Host of Heaven's Dungeon   Corday the Host of Heaven's Dungeon Icon_minitimeSun Jan 02, 2011 1:06 pm

She is no longer a child, Jesenia told herself as she glared at Kaoru dai, who smirked at her over the livid Princess Arcelia Eustolia dai’s shoulder. The nanny looked back down at the remains of what was once the Princess’s purebred pet.

Its head was missing, no doubt locked in one of the many boxes in her room. Two of the painted nails on its front paw were used as pins to keep the chest exposed, revealing the creature’s squeaky clean organs.

Jesenia looked back up at the curly hair Princess, dressed in a fine brocade gown the color of the sky and then at her sister.

Smudges of dirt were on her cheeks. Her short strawberry blond hair had darkened to lush scarlet locks worn loose down to her shoulders.

Covering her from her shoulders down were a new pair of fingerless gloves given to her especially by the Dungeon Mistress Ravemina of Scars. The sleeveless black dress had two slits up the sides allowing Kaoru dai more freedom of movement, giving glimpses of shapely legs underneath. She wore no shoes since losing the privilege by throwing her last pair at a drunken noble attending Princess Arcelia Eustolia dai’s birthday ball.

“Well, what do you have to say, Kaoru dai?” Jesenia inquired. “Did you kill Princess Arcelia Eustolia dai’s pet?”

“Of course not.” Kaoru dai replied with an easy smile. “I adored the walking sausage.”

“Sausage?!” her sister shrieked. “Admit it! You slaughtered my sweet Baby because you hated her. You hated her because Daddy loved her more than you, a child of some whoring commoner.”

Kaoru dai gave Princess Arcelia Eustolia dai a sinister smile, not quite unlike one given by her mother. The princess was wise to silently gulp in its presence.

“Have someone ask around. Everyone’ll tell you that I gave your sweet Baby treats. That I pet and played with it. So... go off and find someone else who’ll scream so you can get yourself off at nights.”

Before the Princess could scream for guards, Kaoru dai was gone, leaving the sound of her laughter behind.

Since being removed from the nursery, Kaoru dai called the northern most tower of the royal castle her personal quarters. It no longer had a leaky roof or walls that let in a draft but the floors were still covered in stale grass reeds.

Rows of creaky shelves that strained under the weight of colorful boxes of every shape and size graced every wall. The only bare spots were places that blacken chains hung bolted to the stone.

Situated in the middle of the projection covered room was Kaoru dai’s only indulgence to luxury: a massive hoard of velveteen pillows where she slept at night. Deep sapphire blues peeked out from beneath dark violet and scarlet hues as the young lady flopped herself in top of her bed.

The teenager had just closed her eyes when she sensed someone else’s presence in the room. Silently she slid a hand underneath the pillows and eased out a dagger then rolled to her feet, lunging toward her intruder.

“Fuck!” King Dayao Adan cai swore as he backed into a shelf with a blade at his throat. He nervously licked his lips, noting fondly Ravemina did the same thing the last time he snuck into her room.

“Hello sire,” Kaoru dai purred. “Is there a reason to your visit?”

The king noticed she had yet to remove the dagger at his throat, despite knowing fully well he could have her executed for threatening him. Just like her mother, he thought affectionately.

“I hadn’t seen you in awhile and was curious as to how you were doing.”

“As the old saying goes: Curiosity killed the felis.” Kaoru dai slid back, smoothly drawing the blade away from her father with a dark smile.

King Dayao Adan cai gingerly touched where the blade had been pressed against him, checking to see if his daughter had ‘accidentally’ nicked him. When he was assured Kaoru dai had not, he straightened his shoulders.

“Kaoru—” he said before the teenager interrupted him.

“You don’t honestly think I believe you care, do you sire?” she turned and ran her hand over the chains. “You probably were looking for evidence that I killed Princess Arcelia’s little pet.”

“Didn’t find any, did you?” she tossed over her shoulder with a smirk.

“I was not—” Her father sighed, “Fine Kaoru dai, I was looking for evidence against you but I didn’t find any. Good day.”

She watched her father storm off and slam the door on his way out before flopping herself back down onto her nest of cushions. Kaoru dai let out the breath she was unconsciously holding.

Arguments with her father always left her feeling drained. Though she kept telling herself over and over, Kaoru dai still couldn’t help the tiny spark of hope that maybe, her father did love her.

She’d cite example after example of the king’s uncaring nature every night before she went to bed. He let his darling Princess Arcelia treat her like trash. Placing her in the worst area of the entire palace. Maliciously setting Kaoru dai up where she would be forced to defend herself and ending up punished. Constant bad mouthing her and her mother.

Kaoru dai smiled. The sole bright spot to her existence was her mother. Dungeon Mistress Ravemina of the Clan of Scars, famed for the generations of interrogators and assassins that came before her. She was acclaimed as the brightest and unsurpassed of her clan and the most dreaded person in three worlds. A mere whisper of her name sent people running. Kaoru dai secretly hoped that she could be just like her mommy one day.

A knock at the door ceased her internal musing and the young girl climbed up from her bed to answer the door.

The woman with shoulder length red hair and four waist length braids with gold charms at the ends was a welcomed sight.

“Think of the devil and she will come.” Kaoru dai greeted jerking her mother inside with a laugh and slammed the door behind her.

Over the years, Ravemina seemed ageless. Her hair stayed the same vivid shade of crimson. The body encased in smooth red leather and black boots remained as lithe and firm as it did seven long years ago.

“I met Dayao on the stairs.” Minna told her daughter. “What ever did you say to him, lovey, that got him so pissed off?”

“Just the truth.” Kaoru dai replied sitting down on her bed. “He’s a liar who doesn’t care about the daughter he swore to you he’d take care of.”

Minna sighed and sat beside the teen as she toyed with the newest of her charms: a crown with teal colored jewels.

“By the time I was your age, I had already been to ten planets, killed hundreds and knew how to use a rock and dirt as torture devices.” She shifted through her braids and pulled out the star charm.

“On my fifteenth planet, I bought this to commemorate the moment.” She revealed.

“What does this one pay tribute to?” Kaoru dai inquired touching the tiny engagement ring charm.

“That was when Dayao first asked me to marry him.” Minna replied with a secret smile. Her daughter’s jaw dropped. “He only offered because I was pregnant with you and thought it was the ‘honorable’ thing. He asked me seven more times even after I kept telling him no.”

“What about this one?” Kaoru dai asked toying with the smiling baby holding a small ruby for a rattle. Minna smiled fondly.

“You have to ask?” she replied and hugged her daughter. “I had this one made the day you were born. The gold is from the treasury house of our clan and the ruby is from the House seal of Thanh-Stefanatos.”

“How the heck did you get a hold of a jewel from the Royal Seal?” Kaoru dai exclaimed. “Did you swipe it from his room? His desk, what?”

“I told Dayao to give it to me, lovey.” Minna replied with a smile.

“Did you break his hand or stab him or anything?!”

“No. Just said I wanted one of the jewels and he tossed it to me.” The older woman laughed. “He was in the middle of a call with one of the financial representatives from Terra Kaye Zeta and I timed my demand right when he was the busiest, so—”

“He wanted you out of his hair as quickly and quietly as possible.” Kaoru dai said. “Immediately giving into your demand was the only possibility. Devious of you.”

Minna giggled, “I am Ravemina of Scars, Dungeon Mistress to the grand Houses of Porfirio-Clough, Fonseca, Kalinger and Thanh-Stefanatos. Devious is in my nature…and in yours.”

They shared a laugh.

“I love you Mother.” Kaoru dai said and hugged Minna tightly. “Don’t ever change.”

“I won’t, lovey.” Minna replied with only a moment of hesitation. She gazed down at her newest charm with a solemn expression.

Two days later, King Dayao sent out a notice to all nearby star systems that he had a proclamation to make. Ambassadors from all planets, countries and economic organizations flocked to the palace to bear witness to this important event.

It was to be a formal event and so the kingdom and castle staff were furiously busy. The cook and his staff feverishly prepared meal after meal for the guests and more so for the upcoming occasion. Maids and valets were busy cleaning and tending to the needs of the emissaries. The guards were busy patrolling and investigating possible plots against the nobility or the visitors to their world.

This event was so important that two more members of the Clan of Scars joined to assist Ravemina. Kaoru dai saw the two, an elderly man and a young girl her age, only briefly. It was because for some reason, Princess Arcelia Eustolia dai felt the need to have her sister’s opinion concerning her choice for formalwear.

“The periwinkle with the ruffles or the amethyst taffeta.” The princess demanded holding up two gowns.

“The purple one.” Kaoru dai replied sourly. The princess dumped the dress in question onto the floor and laid the sky blue gown on her bed before snatching up two more gowns.

“At dinner should I wear the jonquil or the cadmium?” Princess Arcelia Eustolia dai asked holding up two dresses that were almost the same shade of gold.

“Neither.” Her sister told her. “That color doesn’t flatter you a bit.”

“What would you know about fashion?” The princess snorted with a scowl. “Your mother was disgustingly common and you haven’t faired any better. You have no idea--”

“That color makes you look like a corpse.” Kaoru dai informed her. The princess rolled her eyes and opened her mouth to interrupt her sister when Kaoru dai went on with what she had to say.

“You asked my opinion, I gave it. If you’re not going to listen, then you can chose your own dresses and suffer by looking like a moron.”

The Princess delivered a hard glare to her sister and Kaoru dai simply matched her look with one of boredom. The staring match between the two sisters lasted for two solid minutes before a victor was decided.

“Pathetic.” Kaoru dai muttered the moment Princess Arcelia Eustolia dai blinked. The red haired girl rolled her eyes and walked into her sister’s massive closet reappearing a moment later with a simple pink gown made of the finest silk.

“For dinner try this one.” Kaoru dai told carelessly tossing the gown to the Princess. “My common taste in fashion says the pink will make you look delicate and the simplicity of the design will focus attention to your hair and not on you pigging out.”

She added over her shoulder as she left, “And I know you’ll be pigging out, you always do.”

Before the Princess could scream for guards, Kaoru dai was gone, leaving the sound of her laughter behind.

The party was in full swing when Ravemina stepped out of the stifling ballroom for a breath of fresh air. She pulled her hair away from her neck and allowed the cool twilight breeze to sweep the heat from her skin. The dungeon mistress senses the two men behind her and their dark intent. Her hand cuts toward the suit of armor to her right carrying a deadly looking spear just as the men dart toward her.

For a muted deathly moment the three stand before one another. Ravemina with the spear and the large men weaponless. Then one of the men makes a dash for Ravemina the same moment the other goes to grab the weapon. The spear flies loose from her hands, blade arching in the air as she takes a step back.

Ravemina doesn’t feel the blade slice across her throat or the blood pouring out from the wound. She sees her would-be kidnappers’ faces morph into images of shock and one taking a step toward her before collapsing to the floor.

Moments later someone is screaming shrilly, another is shouting angrily while murmurs fill the silence.

“Mina, my Mina.” The dungeon mistress heard her king huskily say as he gathered to into his lap. She looks up at him, ignoring the gathered crowd. He brushes back her hair tenderly as her daughter Kaoru dai rushes to her side.

My loveys, Ravemina wants to say but can only convey her words with a weak smile and a tender look.

“Mother.” Her daughter whispers, her eyes filling with tears. Kaoru dai reaches out and takes her hand.

Dayao, Ravemina mouths. I’m sorry.

“Shh, I’ve called for a healer.” The king tells her. “Save your strength, Mina.”

But the dungeon mistress knows it’s too late for her. This would be the last moments she would spend with her daughter and the man who loved her, who she loved in return. She smiled, squeezed Kaoru dai’s hand before closing her eyes and never awoke.

Lurking in the shadows with the captured would-be kidnappers, the two Scars clansmen silently mourned one of their own. But they did not mourn for long.

“You!” King Dayao Adan cai snapped as Kaoru dai began to cry in earnest. “Take those two to the dungeon and find out what the hell happened.”

“Yes, Majesty.” The older of the two replied.

The king then turned to more pressing business. Ravemina’s death had drawn everyone’s attention. The representative from Terra Kaye Zeta was discussing with other financial representatives the king’s peculiar behavior at the death of his servant. A group of nobles from the lesser houses were a buzz over the affectionate way he spoke with the dungeon mistress in her last moments. They, like everyone, else also wondered exactly why they were called to this gathering. But how was King Dayao Adan cai supposed to tell them that he assembled them to announce his engagement to Ravemina now that she was dead?

And then there was Kaoru dai.

Everyone present clearly heard her call Ravemina her mother and looking at her with this news, Kaoru dai was undeniably Ravemina of Scars’s daughter. A daughter who had the king’s particular eyes…

The king had a hard decision to make. Choose to handle the upper class gathering and graciously defusing the situation, Kaoru dai would never forgive him and he would lose his only link to his love. Choose to comfort his illegitimate daughter and he would cast an unsavory cloud over his noble houses and his reign as king. He would lose the respect of the aristocracy and any match made for Princess Arcelia Eustolia dai would be stained with her father’s dishonor.

It was all too apparent what King Dayao Adan cai would chose.

“Everyone, let us adjourn to the dining area. My cooks have prepared a grand feast that we may enjoy while the servants clean this mess up.”

As everyone left for the dining room, the king did not miss the angry glare that promised his death Ravemina’s daughter gave him.

Word of the identity of Kaoru dai’s mother had already reached the staff by the time a group came in to do as their king bid nearly twenty minutes later. Nervously they avoided the girl’s penetrating gaze as they lifted up the dungeon mistress’s body.

“Miss?” one brave servant asked “Where would you like her?”

“The dungeon.” Kaoru dai snapped.

“Her clansmen are there speaking to—”

“The. Dungeon.”

No one dared to argue with the girl’s tone and carried her mother to her home, workplace and now host to her murderers. Behind them a quartet of maids with buckets of soapy water, mops and scrubbing brushes began to clean up the blood.

“Have some mercy on an elderly man.” the elder Scars clansman was saying as Kaoru dai and her soundless cortege trudged in.

“My bones are old and brittle, I really would like to sit down.” he told them. “But seeing how you have yet to answer my questions.”

Kaoru dai saw the old man had both murderers tied spread eagle on two tables, head to head. Their shirts had been violently torn from them, apparent from two bright red marks along the side of their neck. The younger Scars clan member was sitting on top of one of the cages casually filing her nails and leaving all the work to her elder.

Kaoru dai admired the piece of art work before her. The old man took obvious time with his sculptures of suffering. It appeared to first involve severed fingers sewn to the other man’s nipples. A closer look revealed dainty flowers tattooed on their severed and remaining fingers along with drawing of happy faces on their nipples.

“Wonderful choice of canvas.” she told him. “I would have selected their ball sack but I can understand why you didn’t.”

The female’s face lit up with glee, “It’s not that he’s modest about genitalia, Grand-aïeul preferred not to spill any more blood.”

Kaoru dai watched as the servants laid her mother down on her bed in the corner. The two men paled at the sight of Ravemina’s body.

“We were only supposed to kidnap her!” one of the men cried. All three members of the Clan of Scars turned toward the speaker, the older of the two.

“Hide her for a few days.” he told them.

“Now we’re getting somewhere!” The oldest smiled and exclaimed brightly. He bowed to Kaoru dai and motioned for her to proceed.

“Let’s see what Ravemina’s little girl has in her.” he said. “Is she clan? Or bastard nobility?”

Kaoru dai took up the man’s thrown gauntlet and proceeded with her first true interrogation. First she turned both men’s heads toward her mother’s body and tied them in place. Next she went to her mother’s side, pulled her eye lids open and turned her head toward her murderers so her glassy stare was on them.

“Hello.” Kaoru dai greeted politely. She trailed her fingers gently over the closest man’s chest. He looked to be the younger of the two, the dark whiskers along his strong jaw held no trace of gray. Kaoru dai saw him shudder and squeeze his eyes shut, tears leaking out from the corner.

She leaned close and whispered in his ear, “Re-lax.”

Her attentions then went to the other man. His nose was slightly crooked from a break that long ago healed wrong. His eyes were the same shade of brown as the other man, marking them as related. His dark sweaty hair was streaked with white and was beginning to recede.

“Let’s begin anew.” Kaoru dai announced brightly taking a seat next to the female clansman. She tried not to smile when the two tortured men before her began crying.

“First comes introductions.” she told them. “I am Kaoru dai Solange Charis Li Porfirio-Clough sol Fonseca Kalinger Thanh-Stefanatos.”

If they weren’t scared enough before, the two men certainly were now. Their eyes had gone wide and their breaths came from their lips in frantic gasps. Kaoru dai suspected these two men never suspected the king was her father. This told her a great many of things.

These men were not from this world, for every one knew Kaoru dai was the king’s bastard daughter. From the lowest peasant to the highest noble, all knew who she was. But they never knew who her mother was…

But these two did.

Kaoru dai could tell from their reaction when she came in that these two knew she was their target’s daughter. Why else would they attempt to defend their actions to her? She could recall them cowering when she rushed to her mother’s side. And from what Kaoru dai gathered, even after being tortured, they had only began speaking when she came in.

“I’ve introduced myself, now it’s your turn.” she told them.

The older man gulped and turned his head away from her mother’s body. Almost before he could successfully blink, Kaoru dai sprang from her seat with a dagger, snapped his face back toward Ravemina’s corpse and slammed the blade in his ear, effectively holding him in place.

“Please don’t look away.” she told him sweetly. “It’s disrespectful.”

“It was an accident!” the young man screamed. “We never meant to hurt your mother!”

“Oh yeah, about that.” Kaoru dai said and turned to the younger prisoner. She smiled, “How is it you know Ravemina of Scars is my mother? It’s my understanding this was known only to a few people.”

She leaned over him and placed a gentle, chaste kiss on the tip of his nose, “Ah but first, introductions.”

“Joe.” he replied fighting the urge to look at the girl leaning over him. “Joe from Terra Eravas.”

“Now what are nice gentlemen from a farming planet doing in a botched kidnapping.” the Scars elder asked kindly. “And how did you know who Ravemina was to Kaoru dai?”

“Smells fish~y” his granddaughter added.

Joe swallowed a few times before he could answer.

“She told us we would be helping King Dayao Adan cai. She told my uncle and I the dungeon mistress wouldn’t be happy to hear what the king had to say and we needed to get her away.”

“She?” the elderly Scars asked with a frown but Joe continued as if he hadn’t heard him.

“We never were supposed to hurt her. She was loyal and good at her job. The best. She just wanted her gone for a few days, until the king’s announcement blew over. Then we could let her go. We had a store room ready for her stay. It was nice.”

Joe began to cry, “But when we went to get the spear away from her…it just…and she stepped right into it!”

Kaoru dai moved away from the bawling young man, trailing a hand over his chest. She went to his uncle and simply smiled sweetly, waiting for him to finish the story his nephew began.

“I was going to help her.” he told her, his voice rough from either disuse or overuse. “Then one of the guests saw everything and screamed, drawing the attention of guards and everyone.”

“I thank you for the gesture.” Kaoru dai replied solemnly. “But gestures don’t mean anything now.”

“After introductions,” she went on to say. “Comes small talk, which we have completed earlier than expected.”

In the reflection of the blade in his ear, the uncle’s eyes widened. The Scars elder smiled in delight of Kaoru dai’s playful reciting of their interrogation ritual.

“Now gentle sirs, comes the part that you may not like.” she told them.

Kaoru dai sat down on the edge of the table the uncle lay upon. She leaned down, exposing a long expanse of leg and toyed with the man’s toes. She trusted the other two members of the Clan of Scars would tell her if the man gave into the temptation Kaoru dai placed before him.

“Art is defined many way. The production, expression, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance. It can be illustrative or decorative material.” Kaoru dai told him then smiled at the uncle over her shoulder.

“But to someone of the Clan of Scars, art is expert workmanship. And what do we do Mr. Farmer from Terra Eravas? What does a member of the Clan of Scars do exactly.”

“You torture people.” he responded fervently. “You hurt and torture people.”

“Actually.” Kaoru dai said and held her hand out to the young Scars clansman. The young lady gave her the nail file with a wink. Kaoru dai smiled back moments before she rammed the make shift weapon into Joe’s leg.

“What we do, is get answers.” she told him as his nephew screamed and writhed in pain. “and we would like to have these answers, right now.”

“Kaoru dai hasn’t ever created art before.” the elderly Scars said to Joe’s uncle. “And, as it is with youth, will get impatient and hurry the work.”

“I actually have…on a dog.” she corrected and then looked somewhat embarrassed except for a devious grin, “But I couldn’t preserve my work, the walking sausage didn’t end up surviving.”

“That is what you get for a rush job.” he informed her. He turned his attention back to Joe’s uncle, “You don’t wish to be rushed art, do you? I’m certain Kaoru dai knows many places to bury you.”

“I have many boxes that hermetically seal.” she piped in.

“O--o we should place the young guy in one of the boxes!” the elder’s granddaughter added. She turned to Kaoru dai and asked, “Are they sound proof?”

“They wish to place your nephew in an air tight box and have you listen to him die.” the elder told the pale uncle. “You don’t want that do you?”

“No, Joe is all the family I have left.”

“Then tell us, who hired you?”

“Princess Arcelia Eustolia dai.” Joe’s uncle revealed. Any enjoyment Kaoru dai was receiving from torturing the two men died at those words.

“She told us the king thought his Dungeon Mistress was overworked and needed a break. He asked her to take a vacation but she refused because of her devotion to protecting members of the royal houses. So the only way she’d ever take a break was if she were kidnapped.”

“Ravemina had no devotion to the royal houses. She was very vocal about it.” the elder told him. “And if she was overworked, she’d demand a vacation whether it was convenient to the king or not. And if she were asked, Ravemina would jump at the chance. It was just how she was.”

“Princess lied.”

“So, what do you suppose we should do Kaoru dai?” the elder asked and turned toward where the girl.

But Kaoru dai was no longer there. She was no longer in the dungeon and hadn’t since the moment the true identity of her mother’s murderer was revealed.

Princess Arcelia Eustolia dai changed into the golden gown she had decided upon for dinner and gazed at herself in the mirror. She turned this way and that, slowly realizing her common sister’s fashion sense was correct, she did look deathly.

She changed into the pink dress her sister suggested finding it exactly as Kaoru dai said it would be. The simplicity of the design focused attention to the mass of wildly tamed curls piled on top of her head and the color made her seem more delicate. More dainty and graceful as was befitting a princess of her exquisite breeding.

Nothing like Kaoru dai.

“The Dungeon Mistress. Oh Daddy what were you thinking even touching such a filthy woman.” the princess whispered.

“Probably ‘Whip me more Mistress Minna’” her sister answered from the doorway. She sauntered in with a smirk. “He seems the type to enjoy a good flogging.”

“How dare you speak of your king that way.” the princess snapped turning toward her with a furious expression. “I could have you flogged for speaking such words.”

“Who’s gonna do it?” Kaoru dai asked sardonically. “The only two that could are busy with the guys downstairs.”

“Well since you are of the Clan of Scars like your mother.” the princess replied airily turning back to her mirror. “I command you to go flog yourself.”

Kaoru dai sidled up the princess with a sinister grin and leaned to whisper in her ear, “Now why would I do something like that?”

“I-I am the heir of the Houses of Porfirio-Clough, Fonseca, Kalinger and Thanh-Stefanatos.” the princess stuttered going pale. “You have to obey me.”

“I don’t have to obey the person who orchestrated my mother’s murder.” her sister replied and then looked at her dead in the eyes in the mirror. “Speaking of, how did you find out Ravemina was my mother.”

Princess Arcelia Eustolia dai shoved her away from her and rushed toward the door. Her sister just smirked, putting her hands on her hips as she watched the princess stop and gather herself at the door.

“Daddy told me.” the princess revealed and turned around haughtily. “He told me that he had wanted to marry that woman for years but she kept telling him no. She said she would never marry a man who refused to keep his promises.”

“Well, Dayao did promise to give me a better life than one she could give.” Kaoru dai shrugged. “She was within her rights to keep telling him no.”

“But she said yes!” Princess Arcelia Eustolia dai screamed. “Daddy told me four days ago he asked her again, this time with legal paperwork that made you an heir all prepared to sign as soon as they wed. And she said yes.”

Kaoru dai did not let the shock of the announcement show on her face as the princess continued to speak.

“A woman from the vile Scars Clan, a common servant as queen?! It was inappropriate, i-it was uncouth, a horrible joke! But no Daddy was adamant, she was going to be queen and you, you were going to be a princess. Hah! Impossible!”

“I had to stop Father from making this awful mistake.” Princess Arcelia Eustolia dai said her eyes shining with almost an insane light. “But the Dungeon Mistress was accomplished in her work so I couldn’t kill her. No, Father merely need time to see what a error this was. So when Jesenia mentioned there were poor farmers promoting their wares to the castle staff, I found the perfect men for the job.”

“Only they fucked up and caused my mother to die.” Kaoru dai responded.

“Yes!” the princess exclaimed. “Now Father can’t marry your mother, file that paperwork that makes you legitimate and there’s an opening for a Dungeon Mistress.”

“I’d rather have my mother back.”

“But Dungeon Mistress Kaoru dai is much more fitting than Princess Kaoru dai.” Princess Arcelia Eustolia dai then laughed, “Just be happy little sister. Now you’ll finally have some function in the castle and cease being such a burden.”

Kaoru dai cocked her head and smiled, slowly approaching her sister.

“I have a better idea Arcie.” she stalked her older sister as her smile slowly transformed into something dark. Kaoru dai pushed her out the door.

“You’re going to tell dear old daddy you just off’ed my mom.” Another shove sent the princess toward the stairs.

“Then I’m going to show you why my mother’s and my clan are called The Scars.” Kaoru dai pushed her sister again until she was at the head of the steps.

“And then maybe I’ll take the first ship outta here and forget how much of a spoiled little bitch you are!”

Perhaps if the princess had been wearing the jonquil or the cadmium colored gowns the horrible event might not have occurred. The king’s doomed celebration would have only been marred by one death and all should have gone well.


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