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 Writing Challenge "People of N'hryve"

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Writing Challenge "People of N'hryve" Empty
PostSubject: Writing Challenge "People of N'hryve"   Writing Challenge "People of N'hryve" Icon_minitimeTue Nov 09, 2010 12:44 am

N'hryve Way Station is a pit stop for many intergalactic travelers that are looking for a good time. N'hryve is a pleasure house where all your dreams can come try. It is own by a strange and some what solitary woman only known as the Lady. Almost every thing is run by Edna the main hostess of N'hryve. The Lady hand picks all of the people that work at N'hryve and is said to have a big heart. All of her employees are well taken care of to insure that any one that stops at N'hryve has the best time they can have.
N'hryve is a self contained space station that orbits around a wild planet that is owned by the Lady. Every one that works for her lives on the space station only the Lady actually lives on the planet. People can visit the planet (for a price) but for their safety they must stay out of the forbidden areas. Edna and Magus (the Lady's guard) runs everything for the Lady. Magus is also the leader for the Lady's personal army.

Now for the challenge.
Pick a doll that is available and write a story about how they got to be apart of the N'hryve family and what they do at N'hryve. I will provide you with the prices for what their services. You can also add their personal bio. That is their height, weight, eye color (which I can give you if you want), hair color, bust size (if female), and sexual orientation. Easy right. Its all for fun.

1. Claim your doll by changing the writing challange of the doll to Take by (your name). This is first come first severed.
2. If the doll is named you must keep that name if not you get to name it.
3. If the doll has special conditions you must keep to them.
4. Anything goes as long as you don't kill one of the main people of N'hryve. Also child porn with get you banned from the site.
5. No limit on the number of dolls you pick but after a year they will go up for grabs again.
6. Please keep your story between one paragraph and four pages.
7. If your story has adult content please place a warning on it for people who don't wish to read that.

After entering
You will get a thank you for entering and you will have a choice of linking the story you write through your site (please make it easy to find) or post it on here with full credits to you. Also if you would like you can post your email and/or site.
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Writing Challenge "People of N'hryve"
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