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Warning: You must be at least 18 years of age, and legally permitted to view Adult Content in your area to read the story below.

The earliest memories I have are those of a beautiful ray of light speaking to me. She was my mother, my father, my creator. For she was Din-sheen-k’has, a shape changer and could do whatever she wished. And she wished for a child.

So I was born. Cerise Leon y Izdihar E'ran-Naoko, Lien to those who knew of me. My name was to be secret, for a name gives power to who utters it and enslaves the bearer.

Like my parent, I too was once a ray of light. Pale and ethereal, I danced among stars and spoke to the sun and moon. But I fell under the same ailment as the one who came before me. I grew lonely.

So I went to the lands of flesh, drew upon my powers and made myself liken to those people who dwelled there. Among them, I danced with small and large alike. I gathered people around me like flame to a moth and I was content.

In my youth I was unaware of the dark side of nature. All I knew was the bright naivety that youth gives us that was nurtured by my parent. In this little cocooned world of mine, thoughts of betrayal and power never entered. Lust was merely a word and everything in the world was good.

One night while I danced under the moonlight, a man who I had seen many times in the human places I played approached me. He was very nice and politely asked me my name. Like the naïve child I was, I gave it. Not what I was known as but my true name. And thus the Bourkan clan had power of me.

Immediately I felt a change. First a shackle appeared around my wrists, and then there was a tug from within. I tried to run but I was held immobile.

Next my outer appearance changed to suit my first master, my child’s body morphed into a full grown woman’s. Large breasts over flowing from the diaphanous bodice I wore. Long slender legs revealed under matching material. Silky blue black hair cascaded down to my pert bottom. Pale lavender eyes looked at the man in shock. He smiled ominously back at me.

“Changeling, now you are mine.” was all he said before dragging me away.

For generations a Bourkan, male and female, held claim over me. Because of my changeling nature, each generation could enjoy the pleasures my body could give them and not suffer consequences one of their own may cause.

I was a male Valkyrie, blond, muscled and proud. The next I was a harem girl, glittering with jewels who cowered under a whip. Another time I was a Hindu goddess pleasuring an entire room of Bourkans. Once I was a playmate to a young sick child that died all too soon.

Despite being an offensively sexually active family, slowly the Bourkan line began to thin out until there was only one left. He was fat, vulgar, ugly as a Sharpei’s ass and a piss poor gambler who was an addict of more things than there were stars in the sky. His name was Andru.

“Come here, my Lien.” he said to me on the final day of his life. I glared at him with ice cold lavender eyes that I struggled to keep with each new generation.

“Come here!” he snarled pounding on the wooden table with a meaty fist. I walked over to him and avoided breathing in his stench and looking at him. My eyes went around the room and locked on a pair of red eyes staring back at me from the bar.

“I want you to give me child.” Andru ordered. “Want good, healthy boy.”

I tore my gaze away from the man and rolled them in the general direction of my master. I was not going to look at him, I would vomit on the floors of his tavern if I did.

“I can be a good, healthy boy but I can’t give you one.” I told him. If I hadn’t had this conversation with at least fifteen of his ancestors I would have laughed. As it was I did say this to those previous Bourkan and I had to say it again to another Bourkan.

He slammed his fist on the table again, “You give me boy!”

To the casual observer, say the gentleman I mention previously that was still watching me, Andru would have looked like a fat, spoiled child arguing with me about a toy. Give me toy, give it to me. Now!

“Master Andru, “I said patiently when I really desired to throttle his pudgy neck. Couldn‘t though. “I am unable to bear children. It has been so for generations. I’ve told your family this sixteen times now.”

If he thumps his fist on the table again, I will find some way of murdering him, I swore before, yes, he thumped his fist on the table.

“You lie.” he whined. I caught the burgundy eyed man smile mysteriously in the corner of my eye as I took a deep calming breath. “You’re just trying to get me to give you to someone else.”

Before I could respond the mysterious man approached the table. He tossed back his long black hair and sat down in front of my master.

“Hear you’re the man to come to for a game of cards.” he announced pulling out a deck and slapping them down in front of him.

“And what else have you heard?” Andru growled. The stranger smiled innocently, one that didn’t quite meet his eyes.

“That you’re very good. That you own this place and a fair amount of coin. That you have an excellent taste for calmatives, a fair stash of them and a knowledge of where to find them.”

Andru nodded, “That I do.”

The stranger cut and began shuffling the deck. “I’d like to challenge you for it.”

My master laughed out loud. “You’re too stupid for words!”

The man smiled again, “Someone told me that once. He’s gone now.”

My master chuckled and accepted the cards dealt to him by the man.

I could tell of how expertly the men played and preyed on one another. I could tell of how Andru was soundly beaten and defeated again and again. How I was granted my freedom after all these years. But that’s not what happened.

When no one was looking, the stranger whipped out a bolo out from under his sleeves, wrapped it around Andru’s neck and snapped it without a thought. Then he turned to me.

“You are Lien, daughter of the Din-sheen-k’has.”

I sighed, “I am.”

Right about then I was resigned to the fact I would never join my parent as a ray of light, dancing above the humans with the stars in the sky. Never again would the sun and moon speak to me. Nor would I ever be free. Then he smiled.

“Good. Follow me.” he turned to stroll off.

“And what form do I wear?”

He stopped and looked back at me. “That’s up to your master. Come.”

Darsha, the man who killed Andru, took me to an encampment and to a tent guarded by a man of shadows. The two men spoke briefly and then the man of shadows took me inside the tent, leaving Darsha scowling outside.

“Who is this?” a voice asked once we entered the tent. I looked around and saw a handsome man sitting on a throne. His hair was dark as the space between stars and his eyes were golden as the sun, He wore red and black. Black shirt, pants, shoes and coat. Red ribbons at his throat and in his long hair. A red vest.

At his feet was a willowy girl with black hair to her shoulders and a white streak down one side. Golden cattish eyes peered up at me as she wrapped herself around the man, uncaring for her nudity.

“Say the name Cerise Leon y Izdihar E'ran-Naoko and you will discover the answer, my lord.”

“Is Cerise Leon y Izdihar E'ran-Naoko, your name?” he asked me.

I felt the change upon me once more. I fought a few of the adjustments of my form. I refused to lose the lavender eyes I had for so long. My long blue hair shortened and changed to white then a streak of black appeared at one side. My rags turned to a green and blue long bodice then a matching blue mini skirt. The copper shackles morphed to a black studded bracelet and a red fingerless glove. Knee high boots covered my feet and then it was done.

The girl who stood before him was a light twin of the girl at his feet. The dark hair girl’s hand covered her mouth before a sound could escape.

“A changeling.” Master said proudly. “Thank Darsha for his excellent eye. Give him his old friend for a night and take this one back.” he indicated the woman at his feet.

The other girl stood proudly, gathered her scattered clothes and stepped out the tent. The man of shadows stuck a hand out and murmured commands to a guard outside then resumed a position I sensed was his norm.

“A bound Din-sheen-k’has.” Master said with a smile. “And all mine!”

When he motioned me to him, I came. When he took my hand and took me to another area, I followed with practiced silence. When we came to a bed, I knew what was expected.

First I slid off his clothes, carefully folding them and laying them aside. Then I unlaced my top, slowly to build up tension and slid it off. I bent down and unlaced my boots, dangling my breasts before me and him.

He reached out and cupped them as I removed my boots. I slowly stood up, his hands following my ascent and removed my skirt. I gently pushed him onto the bed and straddled his hips with my legs.

“How do you want me master?” I asked huskily as he fondled my breasts. I covered his hands with my own as he thrust into me.

“Every way.” he rasped as his body began to drive into me liken to a piston.

Faster, then slower. Harder then gently. He and I went to the tops of mountains in trembling forms liken to ones I was born to and came floating down only to begin again in another position.

My legs were wrapped around Master and met his thrusts into my fully exposed body with a mere flex of my hips and legs. After moments of this position, I shifted my legs down from around him to his side and began pulling them under me so that I could grip my ankles, allowing easy and smooth access.

He came once again and we moved to a different stance. I laid on my stomach and he laid on his back. My feet were at his head, bent at the knee. He entered my slick passage and pulled my legs back, pushing himself further into my body.

He hit places I never knew existed and began digging his hands into my flesh so he could pump into me faster. Beneath me he bucked and heaved, pulling at my hips now, but I refused to allow him the power he desired.

He shot up in bed and wrapped his strong sweat covered arms around my waist, jerking my body back against his own. Then flipped me over and madly forced himself into me again and again.

It was me who came that time. Fierce. Madly screaming his name, clawing at covers and flesh indiscriminately. I was the proud Viking, crowing in triumph. I was the cowed harem girl. I was the pleasuring Hindu goddess.

I was Lien, bound and slave to Master Aden.

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