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"My name is Aden!”

That was the first thing I heard him say, the first time I ever paid attention to the troublemaker of my village. This took place many years before you were born. Before even your grandparents were infants. So many years ago and different. Yet so the same…

“Your name is Iyon!” his mother screamed back. The twelve year old boy sneered at her in return. I watched transfixed, safe in the knowledge I was unseen behind the bushes that separated our yards.

“You know nothing.” and he spun on his heel and calmly walked away. His mother screamed at him to come back, that he would pay for his behavior, finally she begged but he kept walking.

That day the town’s alarm bell was stolen, an event that would significantly alter the threads of destiny. But that isn’t for now. Now I will tell you of the following events.

The next I saw him, he was fishing by the road. His dark brown hair sprinkled with grass and matted with sweat. His golden eyes were locked on the large cork bobbing on the surface of the pond. His peasant shirt clung to his boyish frame and the legs of his loose pants were rolled up.

“Something you wanted?” he asked me mildly. I squeaked and blushed deeply from where I stood gawking from the road. He briefly glanced at me. “Your name’s Kuna, isn’t it? You live next door to me.”

“Y-yes, on both accounts.” I replied. “What are you doing?”

He smiled, “Fishing.”

“You know, there hasn’t been any fish come out of that pond in ten years.”

He chuckled, “Yes, but at least I can say I tried.”

I smiled, “Yeah.”

“I’ve never noticed, but you’re kinda pretty when you smile.” he smirked, “Usually, you look like a frightened kitten.”

“Have you been…watching me?” I asked somewhat breathless. He himself was kinda handsome and just the thought of him watching me gave me a light fluttery feeling inside.

He shrugged, “Guilty as charge. I saw you spying on me today.” his expression changed from nonchalant to mischievous. “What were ya thinking’? Think I’m nutty?”

I shook my head, “N-no.”

He smiled and patted a grassy spot beside him, “Sit next to me.”

Obediently, I went over and sat next to him, smoothing my soft lavender skirts down in front of my pale legs.

“It’s true what I said. My name is Aden and some day…I’m going to rule the world.”

“That’s a very nice dream.”

Yes, I did think he was nutty. But you must understand, I knew of this boy as Iyon since I was too young to remember He was just a mere twelve year old boy, born to peasants the same as I, most likely, he would die a peasant.

He laughed, “Thank you for saying so, even if do you think I’m nutty.” He smiled as his gaze returned to the cork in the water.

“I’ve never shared my dream with anyone before.” he said distantly. “Everyone seems so…unworthy and false-hearted. But you…” he turned to face me with confusion written on his face. “You’re so honest and fresh, you always have been. Even though we’ve never spoken before, I feel as if I could tell you anything.”

I blushed and lowered my eyes demurely, “Thank you for saying so.”

“You’re welcome.”

He continued to watch me with a faint smile on his face, while I gazed at the pond attempting to ignore his eerie study.

“What do you dream, Kuna?” he asked me after a moment, returning his gaze to the water. “What do you have in mind for the future?”

“I dream of having a home with a garden full of beautiful flowers and lush fruits.” I told him honestly. "When I am out gathering herbs with the healer I feel I‘ve found my place in this world.”

He smiled fondly, “That’s a very nice dream.”

We spent the rest of the day in each other company. My new friend Aden didn’t catch any fish in the pond just as I predicted. He merely laughed at the fact and told me he ensnared something even better. I blushed when he winked at me.

As we reached our neighboring homes, he gave me a hug and made me promise to go fishing with him the next day. Again I blushed and agreed before running to the warm safety of my bed where I could dream my dreams of gardens and perfectly grown fruit.

The threads of destiny were woven as they were made and the tapestry it created was one of much grief, blood and death. That night the threads of life were cruelly severed by bloodthirsty Vykings, invaders from the Northlands.

I first became aware of their gory arrival when I heard the screams of my dying village. I awoke disoriented to the smell of smoke and scorched flesh. My parents were gone, out in the village in a vain attempt to save our homeland. Vaguely I wondered why the alarm bell wasn’t ringing.

Someone burst into my home and I screamed in fear until I realized who had entered.

“Kuna!” Aden cried hugging me. “Thank the deities you’re alright. Come on, we have to hide, the Vykings are coming this way!”

He pulled me to my feet and drug me out the door. All around us there was fire and a mad scramble of children, just like us, searching for a place to hide.

We dodged the healer’s flame eaten house, passed by the engulfed alter to the deities of harvest, bounty and life, even narrowly avoided a brush with an angry Vyking.

“Hurry! We’re almost to the woodland!” he cried in between huffs. “We can hide under the alarm bell.”

But it was not meant to be. Destiny had her cruel say in this matter and at that moment, just as were to reach our salvation, a Vyking overlord and his man behind the two of us let lose their flurry of arrows and struck us down.

I died just before seeing the light in Aden’s golden eyes flicker and expire.

Those who narrowly avoided Death’s cold embrace speak of a bright light and choruses of angelic voices heralding their arrival into their realm. Of hearing the warm voices of those who went before welcoming them home.

I can tell you from experience there was no light or choir or happy dead relatives. There was only a dark void. A dark oddly warm void that one sees every night when they sleep dreamless sleep. It seemed like moments passed but in reality it was more before like a sleeper, I awoke.

“Fetch a warmed cloak!” a sharp voice commanded. “Bring me a chalice of mulled cider!”

I looked around the vast and rich throne room in a confused daze as two shadowy servant did as the voice bid. On one side, gold was carelessly propping various books and scrolls, while ancient words were carved into priceless sculptures that lay broken on the velvet carpeting.

In seconds it seemed, I was wrapped in a heated cloak and handed a large chalice of warm apple cider.

“Get your bearings and then sip your drink.” he told as he knelt down in front of me. I looked up at the man and saw the same dark hair and gold eyes that were so familiar to me.

“Aden?” I whispered in voice so unused it was barely there. “What?”

He cut me off, “Warm up and drink first. I’ll explain everything.”

I did as he bid and after the final drop of the cider, I felt more able to deal with what Aden was going to tell me. I had a feeling it was going to be bad.

“It’s been over a century since the Vyking raid that killed you and I.” he began and continued on before I could interrupt. “I have died and been reborn many times before and after that night. It is a…gift you might say. Another such gift is sorcery, one I just used to bring you back.”

“Back to life?”

He chuckled, “Not exactly, my dear Kuna. You see, I’ve tore your spirit from the claws of Death and I placed it in a shell.”

I looked down at my hands. They were much paler than the hands I remember having. I pulled my hair down across my shoulder. It wasn't as black as I remembered it.

“This isn’t my body?” I asked softly.

“No, the body you had is stuff of the earth. I created this shell for you reside in.”

“Why did you do these things?” I asked cocking my head to the side. “Why have you gone to so much trouble to bring me here to you?”

“Because no one has ever been able to replace you.” he told me as he reached out and caressed my cheek. “ You heard a peasant child say he was going to rule the world and you didn’t laugh. Now I am a nobleman and I say again I am going to rule the world.”

He paused and waited for an answer from me and what could I say? He had went from being a lowly peasant child to a nobleman. He had the power to create a body and rip a soul from Death’s collection.

“It is a worthy goal to aspire to.”

“Most would see anyone saying he was going to rule the world as something to be laughed at. Even the man who thought himself my father in this life laughed at my plans.”

“Then he is very foolish.” I told him.

He smiled, “Yes he was. Come, I shall introduce you to Marissa. She will help you settle into your new home.”

Like in the past and like now, I followed
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