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 Amery Ren Selden

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Amery Ren Selden Amery Base Credit: blood-cocoa
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PostSubject: Re: Amery Ren Selden   Amery Ren Selden Icon_minitimeSat Jun 25, 2011 3:01 pm

Warning: You must be at least 18 years of age, and legally permitted to view Adult Content in your area to read the story below.

Osrik was my home. I was born there and I expected to die there. Osrik with its moisture farms, exotic perfumes, fried lizard legs and sandy streets.

I hated it there.

There were old stories told by the scribes that Osrik was once a tropical paradise full of life with the scent of rainstorms and flowers. But a curse was placed on the Guardians and Osrik, like many other places, became a wasteland.


Life in the desert city was of constant harsh survival. If the snakes, sandstorms, scorpions and heat didn’t get you, the people did. Children were snatched from the streets, their homes, from play and sold to slave traders. The beautiful became whores and the strong became workers, both beaten and tortured in ways no person could believe.
So you had to be very superior to live in Osrik and I was the best.

I was agile. I could run a mile without breaking a sweat. I could take your purse and coin before you could blink. I could come upon you and slit your throat before you knew I was near.

I was clever. The slave traders didn’t want a scrawny boy or a masculine girl. Hehe, they never could figure out which I was. I kept my messy strawberry blond hair cut at my shoulders. Wore hideous glasses for my not so superior bronze eyes and tattered gray robes to hide my bright red devil’s tail.

Why do I have a tail? Especially a bright red one? Well, I shall attempt to explain that bit of my nature to you.

My mother had the unfortunate luck to be chosen at birth to be the bride of the demon courtier, Selden. When she was old enough, the demon collected his bride and impregnated her before dumping her unceremoniously on the streets. Prat.

Now she could have gone back home and told her little sob story to her mommy and daddy but no, she shacked up with the first male she came to (which just so happened to be a fat, ugly merchant who I’m told smelt like he bathed in skunk musk) and went happily with him to Osrik….where she cut his throat and stole his business.

So thus I was born Amery Ren Selden. Rough translation being Bitch who is going to kill Selden.

Got to love Mother.

Enough of this, I’m moving on to the good stuff.

It was spring…or what passed as spring. The lizards were less stringy. It wasn’t as cold. Mother was cleaning her knives. Anyway, it was spring when the stranger came into Osrik.

He looks funny, I thought when I first saw him. His hair was jet black, his eyes golden. With the exception of a red vest and a matching ribbon tied at his throat, he wore all black. Duster, shirt, slacks and boots.

My demon blood told me his desires. Ruling, conquering and destroying the black waters. It also told me the black on black man trailing the stranger was not one to mess with. Neither man was one to mess with.

I had to try!

I followed both men to the “mayor’s” office. (although if you ask me Alric Blit, the gambling king was the true mayor of Osrik, the man owned half the town!) I climbed up to the second story window and peeked in on the obviously private meeting.

“H-have you done the job?” the mayor stammered once the door was shut. The stranger looked to his bodyguard who nodded.

“Zatrick has disposed of your gambling king.” the stranger smiled darkly. “Now for your end of the deal.”

“W-with Blit gone the town can be anyone’s. I-I’ll think about turning Osrik over to you.”

The stranger cocked his head and whispered ominously, “Think about?”

Before I knew it, the bodyguard Zatrick had moved behind the mayor, lashed out at him and sent his head flying right at me through the window.

I screamed as I fell but I was saved by the tail. My little but exceptionally strong red tail instinctively latched onto the first solid thing it could latch onto the moment I lost my grip on the window edge. That solid thing being the support of the balcony above me.

So there I was hanging, in plain sight, right in front of the window where I just witnessed a murder. Not the first time I saw something like that, but it was the first time my tail was in sight and there were witnesses of it.

“What do we have here?” Zatrick said before dragging me bodily into the room, my tail whipping back under the safety of my robes as I came in. He dumped me at his master’s feet and planted a particularly heavy foot on my back so I would remain on my stomach.

The stranger shoved my robe up around my hips and eyed my bright red weaving tail with interest.

“A demon halfling. My, aren’t you rare.”

“Rare my ass.” I snapped. The stranger smiled darkly.

“And a lovely one it is.” he answered lightly. He motioned to his guard. “Zatrick, do let the halfling up.”

Once the big black guy’s foot was gone, I was on my feet with my robe promptly back covering my ass. The stranger smiled at me, as if he knew something and he wasn’t going to tell.

“You don’t know how special you are, do you?” he inquired. “I sense you’re of the noble line of demons. Which one?”

“Like I’m going to tell you.” I popped back with. I heard someone growl behind me but kept my eyes on the more deadlier of the two. He shook his head at Zatrick.

“Then your name, perhaps?”

“Amery Ren.” I felt safe giving that out. Plus I had a feeling if I didn’t answer, Zatrick would get a nod from his keeper.

“Amery, Bitch who is. Are you a bitch, Amery?”

I smirked, “I can be.”

The stranger smirked as well. “Zatrick?”

Suddenly black bands of steel wrapped around my arms, forcing them to my sides and lifted me up. I futilely kicked and screamed as I was carried downstairs and out of the mayor’s office. The three of us went down the street unhindered to two horses held by a hunchback. There I was dropped but before I could run, Zatrick had one of my arms, tied it to the opposite foot and slung me over his horse all the while his master climb upon his.

“I hate you guys, I hope you know that.” I told no one in particular as we began riding out of the city.

The stranger looked back at me and smiled deviously. “Trust me, you’ll hate us more before you die.”

A man named Lorne stripped me of my robes inside the tent I was thrown inside Zatrick’s master’s camp. He examined every inch of my body while a effeminate green hair man lurked in the shadows before marching out. Once the blond hair and pink eyed man was out of sight the green hair man darted up to me bearing clothes.

“Not without master.” the long hair man announced holding out a black skirt and red and black lace up bodice to me. I frowned at him and slipped on the slit skirt and laced myself quickly into the top. He watched me pleasantly with intelligent brown eyes and once I was done dressing took me by the arm.

“Not without master.” he said jerking me out of the tent with surprising strength. “Not. Without Master.”

We passed Lorne and he showed his mean spirit by attempting to make us flinch by whipping his metal bolos inches from our faces. Not without master flinched and shrieked. I merely stretched my tail out and struck him in the groin. It was an accident, really.

I stood in front of the stranger, a man I would learn was called Aden, moments later. Not without master cowered in front of him and remained hidden in the furthest corner from where the man lounged. Zatrick was somewhere in the flickering shadows. My demon blood just knew it.

“Welcome to your new home Amery.” Aden greeted. “How do you like your new clothes? I picked them out myself.”

“Oh just for me?” I asked in a mocking coo. “I’m so honored.”

He smiled and continued, “As my newest toy, I’ll allow you some leniency but one more smart remark from your lips and you’ll end up worse than that pathetic creature who brought you in!”

Not without master whimpered and cowered. I shut my mouth and tried assessing the situation I was in before speaking again. Aden smiled again, this time coldly.

“Come here.” he motioned me to him. I cautious took a few steps toward him and stopped. Zatrick must have sneaked up on me because on moment I was standing a few feet away from my new master, the next I was shoved and I ended up sprawled in Aden’s lap.
He reached out and brushed my hair away from my face, tipping my chin up so our faces were level. Our lips almost touching.

“What noble line of demon are you from?”

“The courtier Selden’s.” I replied in a breathless voice mesmerized by his gaze. Breathless because I sensed Aden’s lust and felt his arousal underneath my legs. “The devilish duke. The--”

“Lord of Lust?” Aden said with a Machiavellian grin before leaning forward and touching his lips to mine.

Demons are carnal individuals, highly empathic and robust creatures. Especially when they are in the company of a horny guy. Said horny guy is hot like hell and you haven’t had any since you paid a person of the night last week with stolen coinage.

I attacked his mouth with a ferocity I had no control over. I took him by surprise and achieved making the man moan and pull me in closer. As his fire burned brighter, as did mine.

I straddled his lap and ground our hips together, moaning and jerking cloth aside so our flesh could touch. His hands wandered my body and slipped underneath my skirt. His golden eyes danced when he found what he sought.

“Ah, so that is what you hide Amery Ren Selden. Clever.” he said in a husky voice. I watched him with hooded eyes.

“And only you, Lorne, the weirdo and my mother know.” I revealed then pouted. “It could have only been you and mother but….”

A sinister smile spread across his features, “I can fix that…”

I sensed Zatrick stuck his hand out the tent flap and motion to a person outside. When they entered, the bodyguard whispered something in their ear and sent them on their way, all the while keeping his eyes on his master. Not without master whimpered and scurried out of the tent.

I kissed that smile off Aden’s face and carefully removed his clothes from his body as he merely adjusted my skirt to accommodate him. I nibbled my way around his flesh as he memorized mine by touch.

When he entered me, pain surged through me with every thrust. But it was good. My tail whipped around us bobbing in time with our synchronized movements, moving faster and firmer until stars burst behind my eyelids.

I could feel waves of serenity course through my veins. Everything faded and blurred together in a blissful experience of lust and sex. Fire heated my loins and the taste of blood was on the tip of my tongue.

My teeth sharpened as well as all my senses. I could hear the far off screams of a man in the grips of agony. I breathed in the scent of sex and blood. Musk and incense. I could see beyond horizons almost like oracles and seers except all I could see was glimpses of blood and war. The skin beneath my finger tips was like steel wrapped in silk. Muscle and skin. Bones and blood.

“I need a cigarette.” I muttered.

I swore I heard Aden laugh.

I was presented Lorne’s head and my mother’s tongue the following day. I ate both treats with gusto and thanked my master profusely.

What? I’m a demon, I like stuff like that.

I left Osrik that day with Aden and the others, marching onward toward destiny. I enjoy tormenting the women around me. I like making them wonder just what I am.
Am I a girl? Just another skirt for Master Aden to lift and enjoy. A face in a crowd of far more attractive women with far more appeal than a simple tail and a willingness to stay for as long as I can.

Or am I a boy? One of only a few in Master Aden’s collection. Special. Prized for my rarity and beauty.

Now only two know and it will remain that way….
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Amery Ren Selden
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