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 Spring the host of the Dressing Room

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Spring the host of the Dressing Room Empty
PostSubject: Spring the host of the Dressing Room   Spring the host of the Dressing Room Icon_minitimeSat Nov 13, 2010 2:58 pm

Spring the host of the Dressing Room Spring "I am Spring and this is the Dressing Room. So far every base here was made by the Violet Dragon and and edit by the Rose Dragon. We hope to have more bases soon. The rules for using these bases are the same as any other doll sites basic rules. No Franken dolling. No saying they are yours. Please give the artist credit for their work. Other than that you are more than welcome to use this base and edited it as you wish but please give credit for it and if you do a really cool edit we would love to see it. You can email it to the Violet Dragon at museofneverwind@hotmail.com or post it here. Thanks "

Base Credit: the Violet Dragon
Status: adoptable
Writing challenge: available
Info: First attempt to do a fade effect.
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Spring the host of the Dressing Room
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